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vineri, 26 octombrie 2018

Lethal League Blaze (c) Team Reptile

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Supplied by ....: HOODLUM        Release Date ..: 10/2018
Cracked by .....: HOODLUM        Protection ....: Steam
Packaged by ....: HOODLUM        Files .........: 1 Disc

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Game info:

Lethal League Blaze is an intense, high speed ball game, with unique
characters, out of sight sounds and none of that weak shit.

The goal is to hit your opponent with an anti-gravity ball using strikes
bunts, parries, throws and special abilities.

The balls speeds up on every hit, up to reality-breaking velocities.

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1. Unrar
2. Mount or burn the .iso
3. Run our installer, Setup.exe
4. Block the game in your firewall
5. Run the game.

Hoodlum will -not- pre updates or patches - you should support the
software companies and buy the game if you like it, we did!

Enjoy! Watch out for more releases from your heroes in HOODLUM!

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