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vineri, 21 septembrie 2018

Windows Game Client
Supplier: Knights Table
Game: Rust
Version: [The Bandit Town Update] v2108
Architecture: x64
How To Install The Game
   I.) decompress the archive
II.) make sure Steam is running (Download:
IIa.) Run RustSetup.exe. (Only needed if its not installed)
IIb.) (Create a new Steam-Account if needed. It is not recommended to use your legit Steam-Account.)
III.) run “RustClient.exe” (with admin rights) or one of the autoconnect exe.
IV.)  press F1 on the menu screen to join our server or to open the console press F3
IVa.) press F4 for our vanilla server.
V.) paste “client.connect ” into the console for modded server
VI.) press enter to connect
VII.) play!
VIIa.) If you get stuck at the loading screen or get kicked from ” Steam Auth Failed” create a new steam account.

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