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marți, 15 mai 2018

Infectonator 3: Apocalypse
(c) Armor Games Studios

Release On   : 10 May 2018                  Disk Amount/Format : 1 Disc
Type of Game : Strategy                     Media Protection   : Nothing

Conquer the world, one bite at a time! Infectonator 3: Apocalypse is a
fast-paced simulation-strategy game where your goal is to destroy
humanity with your growing army of mutating zombies. Drop your virus into
an unsuspecting population and watch the chaos unfold. Upgrade your
virus, splice DNA, and unlock dozens of undead creatures with unique

Over 35 Zombies to Discover and Craft    Splice DNA to unlock new
mutations, from common walking-undead to leaping alien parasites. Build
your brain-hungry army and master their abilities to turn humanity into

A Wonderfully Warped World    Infectonator 3: Apocalypse takes place in
the real world... well, sort of! As you destroy the globe, you\'ll
encounter parodies and morbid humor of all sorts, but beware. The
humans will not go quietly, and have their own defenses.

Classic Pixelart With a Modern Twist    Expressive and cute-yet-creepy
2D humans and monsters roam dynamically lit 3D environments. Sending
hordes of undead monsters to devour flesh has never looked so pretty!

Over 200 Unique Interactive Levels    Open or lock doors, blow up
walls... use the environment to your advantage and make sure your
zombies get to the very last human to earn bonus cash and creatures for
your lab.

Built for Replay Value    Randomized events, mutations, and locations
gives every play session a new experience. Destroy the world, again and

Burn/mount, install, play!

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