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luni, 3 aprilie 2017

RELEASE NAME                    Plants.VS.Zombies.Game.Of.The.Year.Edition-CPY
RELEASE DATE                    03/04/2017
RELEASE TYPE                    GAME
KIND                                    RTS
FORMAT                                BIN+CUE
PROTECTION                        Origin
FILES N                              13x15MB

What do you do when there\'s a zombie on your lawn? If you
answered \"start planting flowers to defeat it,\" then you\'ve
likely heard of Plants vs. Zombies. Armed with dozens of
zombie-zapping plants, from the classic peashooter to the
devious cherry bomb, you\'ll need to think fast and plant faster
to stop all types of zombies dead in their tracks. And just when
you think you\'ve got a handle on things, obstacles like a
setting sun, creeping fog, and a swimming pool add to the
challenge. With five game modes to dig into, the fun never dies!


- Burn or mount the image
- Install the game
- Copy the crack
- Play

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