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duminică, 26 martie 2017

Tabletop Simulator Xia: Legends of a Drift System
(c) Berserk Games

Release 24/03/2017

Protection: Steam

Game Size: 1 DISC

Game Type: Casual, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategy


Tabletop Simulator is the only simulator where you can let your
aggression out by flipping the table! There are no rules to
follow: just you, a physics sandbox, and your friends. Make your
own games and play how YOU want! Unlimited gaming possibilities!

About Xia: Legends of a Drift System

Xia: Legends of a Drift System is a 3-5 player sandbox style
competitive space adventure. Each player starts as a lowly
but hopeful captain of a small starship.

Players fly their ships about the system, completing a variety of
missions, exploring new sectors and battling other ships. Navigating
hazardous environments, players choose to mine, salvage, or trade
valuable cargo. Captains vie with each other for Titles, riches,
and most importantly Fame.

The most adaptive, risk taking, and creative players will excel.
One captain will rise above the others, surpassing mortality by
becoming Legend!


Game is made standalone and the previous DLC\'s are included!

[ 1 ] Unpack
[ 2 ] Mount / burn image
[ 3 ] Install
[ 4 ] Copy content from \'Crack\' folder and replace game dir files
[ 5 ] Play game

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