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miercuri, 15 martie 2017

RELEASE DATE            17/03/2017
SHOP RELEASE DATE       11/03/2016
KIND                    Stealth
FORMAT                  ISO
PROTECTION              Steam + Denuvo x64 + Elusive Targets
FILES N                 90x500MB

Become the master assassin in an intense spy-thriller story across a
world of assassination.
Travel the world from France, Italy & Morocco to Thailand, USA & Japan
to take out powerful, high-profile targets.

Complete freedom of approach in expansive freeform classic HITMAN levels.
100+ hours of gameplay will challenge the creativity of all assassins.
Create your own hits and compete with other assassins in Contracts mode.


- Burn or mount the image
- Install the game
- Copy the crack
- Enjoy

"Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned"

- Sorry for the fuckup, we had installed the ASCII version of Inno Setup
     - Game is updated to version 1.9.0 and includes all DLCs.

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