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marți, 8 noiembrie 2016

Trillion God of Destruction Deluxe Pack (c) Idea Factory International

Release 07/11/2016

Protection: Steam
Game Size: 1 DISC

Game Type: RPG, Strategy [RELEASE NOTES]

Uncover the Underworld's secrets with the 7 Digital Novels
about each Overlord, Character Art book, and Rough Sketches Art
book! The PC Wallpaper and Original Soundtrack bring Trillion's
destruction of the Underworld straight to your home!

Deluxe Pack DLC includes the following contents!
7 Digital Novels
Character Art Book
Rough Sketches Art Book
PC Wallpapers
Original Soundtrack [INSTALL NOTES]
1 Unpack
2 Mount / burn image
3 Install
4 Copy content from 'Crack' folder and replace game dir files
5 Play game

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