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joi, 6 octombrie 2016

Wargame Red Dragon - Nation Pack: Israel (c) Focus Home Interactive
Release On: 5 October 2016 Disk Amount/Format: 1 BLURAY
Type of Game: RTS/Strategy Media Protection: Steam

The million-selling series Wargame is back with a new Nation Pack DLC
introducing a brand new army: Israel. As voted for by the community, the
versatile Israeli army and its extensive use of modified foreign
equipment joins the fray with 96 new units to add further depth to Eugen
Systems' spectacular RTS

Israel is playable as a stand-alone nation, bringing a wide array of
weapons and vehicles that make Tzahal able to stand against any of the
most-played decks. In addition to the legendary Merkava tank family, one
of many of Israel's indigenous designs, the army also features heavily
modified import units. These include British Centurion, American M60s
French Mirages III & V, as well as Soviet T-55 and PT-76 - salvaged from
previous wars

State-of-the-art weaponry connoisseurs will enjoy the Makmat, a huge
self-propelled heavy 160mm mortar mounted on a World War 2 Sherman tank;
the monstrous Multiple Launch Rocket System MAR-290 is on Centurion
chassis; or the Sholef, proudly mounting a Finnish gun on a heavily
armored Merkava chassis

Truly versatile, Tzahal leans on its complete infantry roster and
effective anti-tank guided missile designs to scout and deal damage from
long range. They are able to strike with extreme precision, thanks to
the Spike, MAPATS and LAHAT units as well as the renowned Nimrod missile
Tzahal also makes use of aircrafts, such as the Lahatut and Tzefa
helicopters, to support their ground assaults


Game is made standalone, fully updated and featuring all to date released

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