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marți, 16 august 2016

Ray Gigant
(c) Acttil, LLC

Release-Date: 08/16
Protection: Steam
Disc.Count: 1 DVD
Game.Type: Adventure
Language: EN/JP


Ray Gigantis a unique dungeon crawler RPG which combines
dungeon crawling adventure with Japanese visual novel
like story telling. Players will first be introduced to
the gripping tale of Ichiyawho is a young fighter
shrouded in mystery. As the story progresses the player
will be introduced to new characters which you later get
to experience as the main character. There are a total
of 3 different tales told in the perspective of Ichiya
Kyle and Nil

Innovative Battle System:
Unlike ordinary turn based RPG battles, Ray Gigantadopts
a unique style where you will be fighting massive
enemies from different distances and perspectives. Your
party is comprised of 3 characters, each with their own
unique abilities to engage in 3-way view battles. Also
use the rhythm-based, Slash Beat system to unleash
deadly attacks while feeling the fate of the heroes and
heroine resonate through their bodies!

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