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vineri, 20 mai 2016


 Valhalla Hills: Fire Mountains (c) Daedalic Entertainment

 Release Date : 05/2016 Protection : Steam
 Discs : 1 Genre : Indie

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 Valhalla Hills Fire Mountains! With the Fire Mountains expansion
 comes a new mountain terrain type: volcanic mountains on lava.
 This landscape typically bears a stony soil full of mineral
 resources. On the other hand, this ground is hostile to life and
 green meadows are extremely rare. There are some spells that can
 help you here. You can summon and activate them on the sacrificial

 For more info go to :

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 1. Extract release
 2. Mount ISO
 3. Install the game
 4. Copy crack from the PLAZA folder
 5. Play!

 Notes: This release is standalone and includes the previously
 DLC 'Sand of the Damned' aswell. The Game is updates to

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