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vineri, 11 martie 2016

Developer: Resplendence
Official website:Resplendence
Category: System Miscellaneous

- Blurred fonts fixed on Windows 10: When running WhoCrashed on Windows 10, the interface could appear blurred when enlarged fonts were enabled. Now the interface of WhoCrashed will scale properly according to the system font size.
- Bug fixed - WhoCrashed would not run on Windows Vista 32-bit editions:
WhoCrashed v5.50 would not run properly on Windows Vista 32-bit. This has been fixed.
- Support for Windows XP has been reintroduced: Because of demand, we have added back support for Windows XP.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

About the software:

WhoCrashed Home Edition is a simple and easy to use software utility whose main function is to help you discover what are the possible problems of your computer that cause it to malfunction, randomly reboot or display warning dialogs.
The application checks the computer, and more specifically, the installed drivers, as they are often to blame for many system crashes. In addition, WhoCrashed Home Edition analyzes the kernel modules. In the case of certain computer configurations, a kernel error will not always necessarily display the 'Blue Screen of Death', also know as the 'Stop Error' or the 'Bug Check Screen', but it will however cause them to reboot for no apparent reason.

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