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vineri, 25 martie 2016

Helium Audio Converter is a free, fully functioning, helper application that enables you to convert your audio files into many different formats.

It provides comprehensive support for the conversion from and to a large variety of lossless and lossy music file formats, namely:

Ogg Vorbis
In addition, the music file tag content (meta data) is also converted and saved to the destination files.

DRM (copy protected) music file conversion is not supported.

On starting Helium Audio Converter, a simple screen is displayed where you can add folders and/or files to a list of music files to be converted. Drag & drop is also supported.

How to convert files

Specify where you want your converted files saved (or select to output to the same folder as source files)
Select desired output format and optionally set encoder options
Click Convert
For FLAC and MP3 formats, you can also request that the output files be analysed and checked.

There is a powerful inspection tool that shows the properties of the selected music file: An overview, detailed file and tag information and attached pictures.

Options can be set to specify how conflicting file-names should be handled, whether source files should be deleted after conversion and whether a warning should be given when converting from a worse to a better format/bit-rate (e.g. MP3>FLAC or 128 kbps > 320 kbps).

Free Download Here

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