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marți, 22 martie 2016

Common: few localizations have been updated, Turkish and Indonesian localizations have been added
Common: index map of icon library loads incorrectly at second time during one work session
Player: internet radio - information bars displays every time when player receives metadata from server even if data have not been changed
Player: application ignores the custom queue when physically deleting playable file
Player: player jumps to next track if an error occurs during opening file operation even if the "Automatically jump to next track" option is switched off
Skin Engine: an error occurs when trying to apply skin in handler of skinned button
Tags: WAV - tags does not loads if section with tags is placed after section with data
Plugins: SACD - ISO parser does not loads track if there are no meta information about the tracks
Small bugs and defects were fixed
Fixed: UI - auto filling in Combobox element ignores case
Fixed: playlist - delete file confirmation window does not focused if application is not active (regression)
Fixed: Plugins - - tracks that contains a "&" symbol cannot be scrobbled (regression)

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