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vineri, 4 septembrie 2015

200+ days. That's the average amount

of time that attackers reside within
your network until they are detected
gathering classified data and
information, waiting to strike at just
the right moment. Microsoft Advanced
Threat Analytics (ATA) helps you
identify breaches and threats using
behavioral analysis and provides a
clear, actionable report on a simple
attack timeline


1) unpack
2) burn / mount
3) install
4) serial: F3JM7-7QNWQ-KKFVP-PDDRT-4M6P7


We got several positions to fill, if at
least one of the following characteristics
fits to you:

1. You work at any reseller, distributor
or software company and have access
to new unreleased software

2. You are a talented cracker and able to
handle one or more of the following
Dongle, FlexLM, Armadillo, SafeDisc
Asprotect, SecuROM

3. You are able to code usefull tools in
C/C++ or ASM

4. You are a keygenner and able to handle
MD5, RSA, TEA, Blowfish, SHA1, RipeMD
DES, Triple DES or Rijndael Twofish

5. You think you got something we might

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