Your ISP and Government can track your torrent activity! Hide your IP with a VPN!
joi, 2 iulie 2015

  • Automatically fill web forms or log into your favorite websites with a single click. Rememeber a single master password instead of different passwords for different accounts. Manage passwords and online accounts conveniently.
  • Boost your download speed by up to 12 times by opening multiple connections to the server to download a single file. Manage and track your download jobs easily in a convenient centralized location. Resume broken downloads.
  • Share a whole page, a selected piece of text or an image within a web page among your friends on facebook via a single click. Sharing your online activities with your circle has never been easier.
  • Boost photo upload speed by up to 20 times by automatically shrinking photos to web-optimized resolution right before the photos are uploaded. You can also add beautiful frames to your photos immediately before upload to make your photos appear a lot more impressive among your friends.
  • Download any videos on youtube at blazing fast speed with the built-in download manager. You can choose from all the available video formats such as mp4, webm and flv. You can also convert the downloaded video file into mp3 audio file so that you can listen to it on the go.
  • Save a number of sites as a site group. Open all the websites within a site group at the same time with a single click. Great for people who do research in Internet.
  • Translate a full web page or a selected piece of text within any web page between any two languages. Translation is done without even leaving the original page.
  • Block obtrusive ads with the built-in ad blocker. Save wasted bandwidth and memory consumed by ad images and flash files.
  • View current weather condition and 5-day weather forecast information directly inside the browser interface without going to any website.
  • Block annoying popup windows with the built-in popup blocker. It helps you surf the web without being disturbed.
  • SlimBrowser supports a large number of skins. Choose your favorite skin to customize the browser appearance to suit your own personal preference.
  • SlimBrowser offers convenient integration with popular web services such as twitter, google plus, gmail, yahoo email, etc.
  • Type a short predefined alias instead of a long web site address to go to frequently-visited web sites. A must-have feature for keyboard junkies!
  • Check the spell of emails and blogs automatically within the built-in spell checker. Many languages are supported.
  • SlimBrowser allows you to save the screenshot of a whole page (including the portion not visible until you scroll down) so that you can easily keep a record of the web page you are currently visiting. You can also capture screenshot of a selected area of the browser window.
  • The built-in auto refresher allows you to automatically refresh a web page based on a pre-defined period. Great feature to use on online bidding sites, financial websites which need repeated refresh to get the most up-to-date information.
  • You can securely delete the entire web browser history, delete by the category of cached files, or clear the trace associated with a selected domain.
  • Proxy switcher lets you switch between a list of predefined proxies quickly.
  • Upload image from clipboard to any web server with a single click by automatically saving clipboard image to a temporary file for uploading purpose.
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