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miercuri, 15 iulie 2015

Norton ™ AntiVirus 2014 -
fast and effective anti-virus with Symantec proactive technologies to detect new and unknown threats. Background, the use of reputation of files and programs, the removal of threats to the Norton Power Eraser.

Norton ™ Internet Security 2014 -
comprehensive antivirus from Symantec to protect your computer and sensitive information from all types of Internet threats. Effective protection against phishing, malicious sites and downloads, automatic firewall.

Norton 360 2014 -
all the functions of an effective and fast protection Norton Internet Security, as well as automatic online and local backup, system configuration tools to optimize the computer.

Reset trial on products Norton AntiVirus 2014, Norton Internet Security 2014, Norton 360 2014 using NTR_2014 (Norton Trial Reset by george-w). 
Do not use NTR_2014, when the anti-virus updates or scans your computer. 

1 Unless the trial period has expired, turn off the Self-Defense (in the main window, click Norton Options - General tab - Product safety - Protection against changes in product Norton, put the slider to the "Off", select "Always", click "OK") 
NTR_2014 run and press "RESET".

2 If the trial period has expired, restart your computer in safe mode (press F8 while booting) 
NTR_2014 run and press "RESET".

3 If you want to get a 180-day trial period, restart your computer in safe mode 
NTR_2014 run and click "CONVERT". 

4 If the reset for 180 days (CONVERT) has been produced, the next time enough to make a normal reset (RESET). 
After using NTR_2014 enable Self-Defense (see. P.1). 

RESET is reset to its Norton trial period by default, usually 15 or 30 days depending on the distribution. 
CONVERT means converting trial for Norton 180 days. 
NTR_2014 tested on Windows XP and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with Norton Internet Security 2014 

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