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duminică, 26 iulie 2015

Release Name: Lords.Of.The.Fallen
Release Date: 26/07/2015 
Shop Release Date: 28/10/2014 
Format: Iso 
Release: Game 
Kind: RPG 
Protection: Steam+Denuvo 

In Ancient times God rules the universe of pure evil that enslaved humanity. As time went on and fear in the souls of the people turned into rage and fury has caused great revolt, which began the battle for freedom. After a glorious victory, with the usurpation of the throne by the fallen God, people set up a new order ... more no one sin is not parted, and redemption has become unreachable. 

Now after a Millennium world froze in fear, as demonic rogarskij Legion returns from his dark dimension, driven vicious hunger and alčuŝij new innocent souls. Desperate humanity refers to absolutely flawed Defender-ingrained sinner, otvergnutomu society and by light-man named Harkin. Now, along with their mentor, Kaslo they must reach the source of darkness to battle with Overlord of the fallen. 

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind rich role-playing game with a well thought-out combat system, where weapons, armor and skills directly affect speed and attack an enemy, and where the last argument you can crush their enemies, using forbidden magic power. 

Game features: 
Take an epic Trek for human and demoničeskomu measurements. 
Battle the mighty overlords, rogarskoj army generals. 
Explore a huge fantasy world. 
Weigh every step, because all actions affect your destiny. 
Fight the legendary weapons and oblačajtes′ in armor from the vast arsenal games. 
Select your class: Warrior, thief or priest and fully customize your character. 

Release at this point has the latest version of the game (v 1.6) and all the DLC. 

1. Mount the image using the disk emulator. 
2. Install the game, following the instructions of the Setup program. 
3. The contents of the folder Crack (image) copy the folder with the installed game. 
4. Play 

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