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miercuri, 15 iulie 2015

√ Title: Dr.Web CureIt! ® 
√ Developer: © "Doctor Web"
√ Year: 2015 √ Platform: PC (x86 / x64) 
√ Version: 9 (20.01.2015) 
√ Language: Russian / Multilanguage 
√ Tablet: Not is required

√ Description:

With utility Dr.Web CureIt! ® without installing Dr.Web in the system, you can quickly scan your computer and, in case of detection of malicious objects, to cure it. The changes made ​​utility faster and more efficient. In Dr.Web CureIt! 9.0 uses the most current technology and innovations, already included in the Dr.Web for Windows, which improves the reliability of protection against the latest threats.
Benefits of Dr.Web CureIt !:
Dr.Web CureIt! does not require installation, does not conflict with any Antivirus, which means that at the time of scanning did not want to disable antivirus installed another manufacturer. 
With Dr.Web CureIt! You can regularly monitor the effectiveness of currently installed on your PC antivirus and on the basis of the utility independently conclude its replacement by Dr.Web. 
Dr.Web CureIt! updated once or several times an hour. How to find out if your computer is infected? Download Dr.Web CureIt !, Save the utility to the hard drive. Run the saved file to execute (double-click on it with the left mouse button). Wait for the scan and study report verification. Need more proof?

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