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marți, 28 iulie 2015



Turn your PC into a design studio and plan, design and decorate the exterior and interior of your dream house with Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2. Quickly get through the formalities including contractor, planner location and basic settings such as number of floors and roof shape with the project wizard that comes with Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.


Don't just settle for empty rooms! Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 comes with a comprehensive object catalog that includes doors, windows, electrical appliances and more.

Angles, lengths, areas or volumes - focus on building while Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 does the math.


- Design views: 2D, 3D, Cross-section.

- Building components: Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, openings, slots, skylights, solar elements, chimneys, beams.

- 3D constructions: 7 primitives (cube, cone, cylinder, sphere, torus, wedge, pyramid), extrusion/rotation/sweep/subtraction solids.
- Measurements: Metric and imperial with precise dimensions.

Operating System:

- Input aids: Customizable reference points, construction aids (center point, intersection point, point with distance from, perpendicular, parallel point, point in line, enter coordinates), angle grid.
- Exterior lighting simulation.
- Freely positionable camera and viewing angles.


Windows XP with SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit + 64bit), Windows 8 (32bit + 64bit).

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