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luni, 8 iunie 2015

Need For Speed Most Wanted
                 Black Edition(c)                         

            RELEASE DATE :: 11.15.05                
            PROTECTION   :: SafeDisc 4.60
            SIZE         :: 3.96GB               
            MEDIATYPE    :: 4 CD + 1 DVD + OST           

Release notes :

Need for Speed? Most Wanted Black Edition combines illicit
street racing and tuner customization with the intensity of
strategic cop pursuits to challenge you to become the most
notorious and elusive street racer. Feel the thrill of the
chase in a dynamic open world as you go head-to-head with
drivers who customize their cars to go against tuners, exotics,
muscle cars, and cops armed with advanced tactics, SUVs, and

In this limited edition release commemorating the 10th
anniversary of Need for Speed, you¡¦ll get access to more cars
and races, in addition to engaging in more intense police
pursuits on your road to becoming the Most Wanted. Take to the
streets in eight specially-tuned street machines or two
exclusive Black Edition rides. When you are ready to take a
break, dive into the exclusive Black Edition DVD. Need for
Speed Most Wanted Black Edition gives you the most exclusive
content and takes you under the hood with Need for Speed Most

     2 Exclusive Vehicles ¡X Get behind the wheel of a ¡¦67
  Camaro, the only American classic in Need for Speed Most
  Wanted, and a specially-tuned BMW M3 GTR street machine
  right out of the box in Online (XBox only) and Quick Race

     8 Custom Rides ¡X Eight specially-tuned rides with
  hand-selected body kits, spoilers, rims, roof scoops, and
  more are unlocked and available for you to redline in
  Online (XBox only) and Quick Race modes. Featured cars:
  Supra, Lotus Elise, Porsche 911 GT2, Mercedes-Benz SL65
  AMG, Corvette C6, Mercedes-Benz SL 500, Porsche 911
  Carrera S, and Corvette C6.R.

     Exclusive Pursuit Challenge ¡X Hone your cop evasion 
  kills in this intense Pursuit Challenge that features
  waves of supercharged SUV cops and the most aggressive
  police tactics.

     3 Exclusive Races ¡X Ignite the streets in three
  races created specifically for the Black Edition,
  unlocked and available to drive right from the start.

     Exclusive and Unlocked Vinyls ¡X Personalize your
  ride faster than everyone else with dozens of unlocked
  vinyls as well as specifically-created Black Edition-only

     Bonus DVD ¡X Get under the hood of Need for Speed Most
  Wanted. Check out impressive vehicle showcases and an
  exclusive car art gallery, or view ten Need for Speed Most
  Wanted movies, including a behind-the-scenes look at the
  creation of the stunning in-game cinematics with Josie
  Maran. A must-have for all Need for Speed fans over the
  last ten years. 

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