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marți, 23 iunie 2015

Microsoft Office Pro 2003 11.8411.8405 SP3 (preactivated) RePack by D!akov

Integrated update 8.07.2014!!!

Language - English, Russian

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 SP3

What's included:
Microsoft Office Word 2003 SP3

Microsoft Office Publisher 2003 SP3

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 SP3
Microsoft Office Access 2003 SP3

lists the minimum system requirements to run Office 2003:

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP3
Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 SP3


Office 2003 requires a computer Pentium processor with a clock speed of at least 233 megahertz (MHz). Microsoft recommends a computer with a Pentium III or faster processor.

Operating System

You can run Office 2003 on the following operating systems:
Windows Server 2003 or a later version
Windows XP or a later version
Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or a later version
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2008

Office 2003 requires 400 MB of available hard-disk space. Hard disk requirements vary, depending on your configuration. Custom installation choices may require more or less hard disk space.

Microsoft recommends that your computer have a minimum of 128 MB of RAM. An additional 8 MB of RAM are required for each Office 2003 program that runs at the same time.
Available Hard Disk Space

Disk Drives

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