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joi, 18 iunie 2015


Cinema 4D R14.042 Publication Type: Repak Purpose: 3D Graphics Developer: MAXON Computer Year: 2013 Platform: PC (x86/x64) Language: Russian Tablet: Is present System requirements: Operating system : Windows XP, Vista or 7, running on a system with an Intel or AMD with support for SSE2; Memory : 1024 MB RAM Free space on HDD : Typical installation can take up to 5 GB of disk space. Description: CINEMA 4D Studio - this is the very best that MAXON has to offer professional 3D- artists. If you work professionally with 3D-graphics and you want to quickly and easily achieve amazing results, it is - your choice.

In CINEMA 4D R14 collected new and improved features such as a sculptural modeling, camera calibration, as well as new features for data exchange with leading software. The new version provides even more options to users from different fields of activities - from film and television to architectural visualization and games for smartphones. MAXON offers four product lines of CINEMA 4D (Prime, Studio, Visualize, Broadcast), each designed for a specific target audience . Note: described below are not the innovations in each of these products. Sculptural modeling sculptural modeling tools provide users with a high level of control over the details of models. Those tools artists can scrape, putty, pulling, inflate, compress, and perform other actions on the three-dimensional objects. Also can use the advantages of paper masks dies and symmetry. Multifunctional system for organizing layers provides the flexibility to work with models. Complex objects can be optimized by converting millions of polygons in the displacement and normal maps, which are then applied to the low poly objects - use this method to save memory and reduce the rendering time to create the animation. Improved modeling tools New interactive work planes, dynamic guide lines and a completely redesigned System bindings provide plenty of opportunities for more rapid and accurate simulation - particularly technical objects. Other features, such as auto-leveling work plane and simplified selection functions further simplify workflow. New cameras R14 adds the ability to calibrate the cameras in CINEMA 4D. Tag calibration calculates the location and settings of the camera, which was shot photos, and transfers the data to the three-dimensional world. Thus, architects and designers can integrate three-dimensional objects in the picture with the right perspective. New tools "mobile camera" and "Morph Camera" as well as plug-in elements of the composition helps when the scene should be shown in the best run and as natural as possible. Pipette for adjusting the focus will adjust the sharpness. Visualization: faster and better Lots of improvements in R14 help users more quickly achieve more realistic results. You can take advantage of new or improved shaders, for example parametric tree, the effect of erosion and shader normals. Global coverage has been extended by different technologies, such as maps and radiosity single sampler of physical renderer - so you can save time for rendering. Also, new effects that will help in analyzing the results. Layer allows you to change the position of lighting scenes in the compositing or create a three-dimensional Matt PAINTING-free access to three-dimensional scenes. In CINEMA 4D also added new features interactive color grading, as well as caustic now been calculated, depending on the scene, two times faster. Integration is quite a new feature in CINEMA 4D - the long-awaited ability to connect to NUKE, multiple award-winning software for compositing of The Foundry . As to the connecting After Effects, will automatically be created with the project file in which all layers are represented as nodes, are correctly connected to each other. OpenEXR and FBX formats help to create a very user-friendly workflow. Next, MAXON provides plug-in for Photoshop Extended, which allows illustrators, photographers and artists creating Mat-PAINTING CINEMA 4D to open files directly into Photoshop. One of the improvements in working with After Effects is able to import and export files C4D. lot of improvements in workflow, CINEMA 4D is known for its extraordinary ease of use. Numerous improvements in the program allows users to work faster and more efficiently. Instruments dynamics have aerodynamic properties, plastic deformation and breaking the connection. Since the objects may be broken flying more realistically be added to the scene. Improved viewport can now display soft shadows and lighting facilities. Task List adds a new great opportunity to coordinate the work on the changes in the scene, and the search teams on the similarity search function in many browsers, after the first letter shows the list of eligible teams to choose - the need to go into the menu now disappeared. Has also been enhanced Xref - you can now specify the shift animation, resizing, or axes for each scene - especially useful when working in a team. In the end, the company MAXON provides users with Arabic speaking localized version - with the interface not only been translated into Arabic, but the direction of the reading interface can now be configured from right to left.

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