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marți, 19 mai 2015

On the afternoon of April 12 in 2006, a massive explosion shattered the
  Chernobyl area. The Zone, as the area got to be known, was characterized
  by anomalous energy disturbances, rendering even the most advanced form
  of protective suits worthless to would be rescue teams. Months passed
  and nothing could be done. The military quarantined the area to prevent
  unauthorized entry and perhaps even reassure the local populace that the
  area was under control and confinement. Almost 4 years after the initial
  event, expeditions can now safely traverse several kilometers deep into
  the Zone. Among these are the Stalkers, poachers that enter the zone
  searching for artifacts and anomalous formations that are highly sought
  after by certain organizations and groups.
  The player controls a Stalker, venturing into the Zone in order to
  acquire information, technology and artifacts to sell and possibly put a
  mysterious puzzle together. Avoiding the dangers within and the military
  because as a Stalker you are effectively a thief, and the army that has
  quarantined the area, don't take kindly to trespassers. Within the Zone
  you will have to detect and avoid the bizarre phenomenon's (anomalies)
  that plague the area, avoid or eliminate various kinds of mutants and
  you can even expect competition from other Stalkers
  Gigantic game world of the Zone of 30 square kilometers
  Free non-linear exploration with vast outdoor and indoor areas
  Constantly changing world of the Zone and unique life simulation system
  Unique types of weapons and enemy impact: gravitational weapons,
  psychotropic weapons, telekinesis, telepathy, taking under control
  About 30 types of weapons with weapon upgrades - optics or
  barrel-attached grenade launcher for your rifle to make it a super gun
  Strong non-linear story line with over 8 completely different endings
  Original creatures and their abilities: group intellect, telepathy,
  telekinesis with realistic communication with any sapient character
  Realistic AI and life simulation of game creatures and characters
  Trade of weapons, artifacts, equipment and control of vehicles
  Mind blowing graphics and weather effects powered by X-Ray engine
  Endless replay-ability owing to unique life simulation system.

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