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luni, 18 mai 2015

In Just Cause, a tropical South American paradise is about to implode as
 numerous factions vie for power. Playing as Rico Rodriguez, an undercover
 operative working for a top US secret government agency, players are tasked
 with overthrowing the corrupt government of San Esperito.

 * Freeform game-play - approach missions in any way you like, or break off
   from the fight and enjoy exploring the islands.
 * Over 250K acres of land to explore, the largest environment ever seen in
   a game!
 * Over-the-top Stunts - jump from vehicle-to-vehicle, parasail, skydive and
 * Massive selection of vehicles - over 100 of the most varied, exciting
   array of land, sea and air vehicles ever seen in a video game.
 * The Avalanche Engine(TM) - procedurally generated landscape delivers a
   huge, beautiful, detailed world while eliminating loading times.
 * Wealth of missions - story missions, side-missions, bonus missions and
   many more; ensuring plenty of action spread throughout the islands.
 * Support team - Sheldon and Kane, two CIA field operatives, will provide
   you with reconnaissance info, extraction and vehicle drops.
 * Fly. The best way to explore San Esperito is by air!

* Eidos Interactive
   * Avalanche Studios
   * Modern Action Adventure
   * Release: Sep 27, 2006 »
   * ESRB: Mature


Minimum System Requirements:

You must have these minimum system specifications for the game to function correctly. We do not provide support for configurations that do not meet the minimum requirements.

   * Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP
   * CPU:Â Pentium IV 1.4Ghz (or AthlonXP 1700+)
   * RAM: 512 MB
   * Graphics: 100% DirectX 9.0c compatible 64 MB 3D Accelerated Card with Shader Model 1.1 (GeForce 4ti 4200 / Radeon 9500)
   * Sound: 100% DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card 16-bit and latest drivers
   * DVD-Rom: 4x Dvd-Rom Drive
   * Hard Drive: 5.8 GB free disk space
   * Input Devices: 100% Windows 2000/XP compatible Mouse and Keyboard

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