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joi, 21 mai 2015

The phenomenon that started on the PC with a commitment to expansive non-linear gameplay,
irrevrent humor, and unparalleled action has gone on to become a household name worldwide.
The Russians were the first to launch man into space and are now proud to present the
world class gaming experience that is Grand Theft Auto: Undergound 2, built from the GTA
Vice City Platform with a twist of Need For Speed: Underground.

You get the best of both worlds. The cars, sound track, and all the little things that
made Import Racing famous thrown into a 3D world of GTA that we have all grown to know and

Essentially, you get 2 games in one. If you are a GTA enthusiast, then this is a must
download. Guaranteed to excite and be enjoyable to witness the work of Genius Programmers
at work while combining two classic games into a Blockbuster.

- Cheats for GTA Vice City will continue to work.
- Best of GTA Vice City and NFS Undergound.
- Imagine "Too Fast Too Furious" and GTA Vice City had a Baby.
- Soundtrack is superb.. with only the hottest underground tracks
- Every car looks like it was in the "Need for Speed" Movie with Ground Effects, Body
Kits, Spoilers, Nice Rims with low profile tires, realistic racing exhaust, even Police
Cars are dropped 2 inches for the low profile look, Tinted Windows, and a new cast of
Import Cars for you to Steal and Car Jack!
- Expanded Controls
- Integrated support for all major gamepads, joysticks, and steering wheels.
- Optimized Graphics
- Players Skins
- Enganced Audio
- Replay

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