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luni, 18 mai 2015

How to use:
1. Unzip
2. (An optional step) Update the new version of RGSC In Installers folder
3. Copy Update folder to the game directory (Overwriting Files)
4. Copy Crack folder to game directory covering

5. (an optional step) Update runs once copied from one folder to the registry key recovery tool after the game directory
6. Use Launcher.exe To Run The Game Not GTAV.exe
7. Update 3dmgame.ini to support your language

All the game's release date has been integrated archive retrieval
The old rules of your own soft kill to prevent accidental deletion 3dmgame.dll hack file

v2 repair support win 8 / 8.1 / 10 system
v3 repair cracks on a version April 20 will trigger time R Star break failure detection mechanisms leading BUG
v4 crack support setting game language 3dmgame.ini file
v5 cracks began to remove the 3rd archive retrieval detection GTAVLauncher.exe
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1 comentarii:

  1. Dear Guys, thank you for your work ! I have got a problem, the game every 10-15 crash and came out an error of windows saing that its stop to work cos of a malfunction . Can you help me ?