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luni, 25 mai 2015

Game information :

In Battlefield 1942, you will experience the heat of battle as you heroically
storm the beaches of Normandy, drive a tank across the deserts of northern
Africa, pilot a fighter plane during the Battle of Midway, command a battleship
at Guadalcanal, or parachute and commandeer a jeep in operation Market Garden.
It is the only first person, team-based action game that places you in the midst
of a raging WWII battle with 35 machines of war for you to control. Youll arm
yourself with the sidearm of your choice and get behind the wheel of a variety
of vehicles, ships and aircraft to fight the war on land, sea, and air during
some of the most famous and pivotal battles of the Second World War.

Battlefield 1942 features incredibly large and detailed maps that support up to
64 players simultaneously. The fighting in Battlefield 1942 takes place in all
four theatres of the Second World War: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, The
Pacific Islands, and North Africa. Using most robust 3D rendering engine
available, the proprietary Refractor 2 engine, Battlefield 1942 recreates these
theatres in stunning detail.

In addition to the multiplayer experience, Battlefield 1942 offers intense
single player action. Going against unscripted advanced artificial intelligence
bots, youll never play the same game twice.

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