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vineri, 8 aprilie 2016

Director: Soi Cheang
Screenwriter: Ran Ping / Ran A M / Twining
Starring: Aaron / gong / Feng Shao Feng / small Shenyang / Him Law / More ...
Genre: Comedy / Action / Fantasy
Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland / Hong Kong
Languages: Chinese Mandarin
release date: 2016-02-08 (Chinese mainland)
Running time: 120 minutes
Also known as: Havoc sequel to Journey to / boned Journey to / boned / 2 at the Monkey King
IMDb link: tt4591310
Journey the Monkey King Skeleton Demon's plot · · · ·
film about mentoring four road westbound, White-boned Demon wins a monk and clever spider, Monkey King see through , repeatedly frustrated. Monkey killing innocent monk was mistaken, it was out the door division. Skeleton Demon stepped in, abducted monk. Wukong hearing to the rescue, completely defeated White-Boned Demon. Mentoring bury the hatchet, back on the road.

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