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Optimization and defragmentation

O&O Defrag Free Edition merges fragments that were created while Windows was saving files. Merging them increases your computer’s performance considerably. On top of that, the “Optimize” defragmentation method consolidates free space on your hard disks so that new fragmentation can be kept to a minimum.
Intelligent zone filing

Intelligent zone filing makes it possible to move your files into various physical sectors on a hard disk. As a result, frequently-used files can be saved on the fastest sectors of the hard disk and this improves your computer’s performance even further.

Consolidation of free disk space

O&O Defrag Freeware not only merges scattered file fragments, it also repositions unused spaces on your hard disk so that they form one contiguous block. This will help reduce any new fragmentation.
Two methods for degragmentation

O&O Defrag Free Edition gives you the option of two effectively proven methods:
OPTIMIZE/Quick was designed to consume minimal resources and work at maximum speed. It defragments existing files, but does not merge the free spaces on a hard disk. This is the quickest way to defragment.
OPTIMIZE defragments your files, merges free space on a hard disk, and separates the database into zones. While it does require more time, the optimization it performs will last longer on your computer and prevent any avoidable new fragmentation from occurring.
Drives divided into zones

O&O Defrag Freeware divides your files into three zones:
Zone 1 (fastest access time): Windows system files and installed programs.
Zone 2 (fast access time): User data, e.g., Office documents, temporary files, user profile
Zone 3 (medium access time): Infrequently used data and very large files, e.g., Windows Recycle Bin and files larger than 500 MB
No irritating ads

Advertizing banners and large format pop-ups can be really irritating. That’s exactly why O&O Defrag Freeware will never bother you with them.

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