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Endless Legend Shifters (c) AMPLITUDE Studios

04/2016 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Indie, RPG, Strategy
THE ALLAYIWhen the Endless first came to Auriga they did not find an empty
planet, but one teeming with life -- some of it intelligent. The Guardians,
caretakers of the planets, were one sentient species; another were their
helpers and comrades, the Allayi.

The Allayi were broken and scattered by the Endless, and for centuries they
have survived on the fringes of existence. Handing their traditions and
stories down in the form of a religious text, the Epistles, and a book of
prayer, the Euchologion, they have been waiting in the snows and the
shadows until Auriga once again needs them. And it seems that this time has

The Allayi are a people so closely aligned to Auriga that their very nature
changes as the Dark Seasons occur. While they are friendly and defensive in
summer, when the harsh winters arrive they become aggressive and dangerous,
reflecting the madness of the planet. They are tied so closely to Auriga's
fate that even their bodies alter to match the evolution of these extreme

Growing strong once again the Allayi have returned, prepared to defend and
preserve Mother Auriga with all their grim strength.

NEW HEROES & UNITSDeeply connected to the moods of Auriga, the Allayi
change their appearance and abilities as the seasons change.
This attunement allows them to know precisely when seasons are changing,
and see the Pearl's location even hidden in the fog of war.


Like cavalry, the Seeker strikes rapidly from a distance with a powerful
charge. In summer the charge has a greater attack; in winter it removes the
enemy's defense.


Arguably the most revered and majestic being on Auriga, the Skyfin's
presence improves friendly morale in summer and decreases enemy morale in


Powerful and hard-striking, the Monk unit's skill with its long blade
results in powerful counters in summer and powerful attacks in winter.

WINTER IS CHANGINGWith Shifters' we have entirely revamped the Winter
system by introducing a whole new layer of gameplay. Winter is changing!

New winter effects

Winters are never going to be the same anymore thanks to numerous new
effects that even impact the Adventure map! Frozen lakes, rivers and
coastlines can now be crossed on foot providing new strategic opportunities
for your Empire, and its enemies

Pearls of Auriga

A pure outgrowth of Auriga, they distill the living essence of the planet.
Both powerful and beautiful, the Pearls can be put to many wondrous

Altar of Auriga

The Altar of Auriga is a sacred building to those who live upon her. It is
a center of ancient power from the times even before the Endless. By
bringing her Pearls here and unlocking the Altar's Blessings, powerful
magical effects can be applied to a city, region, or empire.
With the Altar, Empires can also use the collected Pearls to influence
which effects will be applied to the next Winter cycle.

New buildings
Besides the Altar of Auriga, you can now build beautiful new districts that
stand out in your cities and boost resources extraction and stockpiling.
Pearls can also be used to build defense towers on the Adventure map that
act as a defensive shield for your city, striking those who would come and
do ill to your empire.

Pearls are powerful, but also strange, fragile, and easily marred. To craft
with them requires a high level of skill and great humility.
Powerful new items can now be crafted with Pearls such as the Cuirass of
the Snows' that mitigates Winter's negative effects, or the Band of
Auriga's Chosen' which allows troops to move faster on frozen grounds.

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