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duminică, 14 februarie 2016

Series genre: mystery, drama, romantic, supernatural shounen
Themes found in series: suffering, divine, past parallel planes, violin music
Recommended Age: 13+
Release Date: October 7, 2008
Number of episodes: 12
Translated Episodes: 12 (Complete Series)

This story is a story type frame for alternate past with the present.
The story has in the past forefront Himura Yuu, a diligent student, copy, which seeks to maintain academic achievement from the Academy Otowa. One day, he meets a mysterious girl, her name Yuko Amamiya, who, to his surprise, he acknowledges. Childhood memories of a distant, forgotten memories ... his soul will be reborn after his meeting with Yuu and Yuko will test him, having to face regrets and troubles in the past. Both their present and past have a sad note.
The action carried out currently Kuze Shuuichi may seem a lover of women, but on closer notice that it is a solitary man. Mizuki Hayama is what will be its salvation, which is especially attracted by the wonderful interpretation of Kuze's violin, which produces some sounds that are targeted directly to the soul. Their story is a tragic one, everything is enveloped in drama, how Mizuki tried to approach him, the Kuze becomes more distant. Do you imagine that's the reason?
Watching "ef: A Tale of Melodies" is not like you watch a series regular, but rather an artistic painting that comes to life. It's a truly unique experience!

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