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marți, 9 februarie 2016

  • Anime type: TV Series
  • Summary [AniDB]: Japan has been invaded and conquered by the [Britannian Empire]. Japan is now known as Area 11 and its citizens known as Elevens. The Britannian Empire takes away Japan`s autonomous power and imposes its rule through the use of Knightmares. The Empire`s rule has never faltered, but cracks have begun to show... Source: ANN The Britannian youth, [Lelouch], received a special power from a mysterious girl. GEASS. An absolute power which allows the user to give orders to anyone. Lelouch decided to plan the destruction of the Britannian Empire by using this as a weapon. His goals are to take revenge for his [mother], and to create a world in which his little sister, [Nunnally], could live in peace. All while knowing that what lies ahead is his [father], the Emperor of Britannia.
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