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vineri, 5 februarie 2016

Series Genre: school, supernaturalThemes found in series: superpowers, teensRecommended Age: 17+Release date: July 5, 2015Number of episodes: 13Episodes translated: 0Description:Well, young individuals who currently read magic wonder this: It's a beautiful story. Some special adolescents live their lives and how they can Hoshinoumi Academy, academy that aims to protect students with special abilities during their development.Yuu Otosaka will shine during his high school life, and to maintain this brilliance was used to maintain his skills as a mountain peak, the top school. But when life becomes increasingly more beautiful, you must appear evil witch to ruin everything, right? They, as I would call it the Nao Tomori, which is not too welcome in his life Yuu. You see if I say the truth.What can I say, it was a much awaited summer, for Charlotte's last achievement of Jun Maeda, director of Angel Beats, Clannad, Air, Little Butlers.

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