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joi, 4 februarie 2016

A new original animation based on the Blood franchise and featuring popular
mangaka collaboration Clamp as original character designers.

Ukishima Shrine is located in an old, picturesque lakeside town.
Shrine maiden Kisaragi Saya lives there along with her father, Tadayoshi.
By day, she lives the life of a normal high school student at Sanbara Academy.
By night, she hunts the Elder Bairns (Old Ones). Possessing supernatural physical
prowess, the Elder Bairns prey on humans, and only Saya has the ability to defeat them.

RA-NA Bluray

Video Codec: H.264/AVC
Video Resolution: 1280x720p
Video FPS: 23.976FPS

Codec: AAC-LC
Track 1: English: 5.1ch
Track 2: Japanese: Stereo

Track 1: English (.ass)

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