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┌────────────────────────────[ P R E S E N T S ]───────────────────────────┐
 │ Asteroid Bounty Hunter (c) Kupi Key │
 │ Supplied By: A Friend │ Diskettes : 1 DVD │
 │ Cracked By : A Friend │ Game Type : Adventure, Action │
 │ Packaged By: A Friend │ Released On : February 2016 │

 Asteroid Bounty Hunter is a space shooter, with a lot more in store
 than simply blowing up asteroids. The story follows our hero John,
 who is a veteran, trying to do amends in his screw up life and he
 only has his space ship AI, who still cares about him. The story
 latter unfolds some pretty interesting things about John, his life
 and his relationship with stuff around him.

 The game itself is based on a dodging/blowing up stuff, but that
 quickly falls in background picture, since you have to outmaneuver
 the enemy, who are constantly changing. Your job is to save planets
 from incoming asteroids, while taking care of your affairs with
 other bounty hunters.

 1.) Unpack
 2.) Burn or mount
 3.) Play the game

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