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Transmission is a well known bittorrent client, widely used on Linux and Mac OS X, and with a well deserved good reputation as being a simple and light-weight set of programs.

By set we mean that Transmission includes several different programs: a daemon its tools and its Web client, a CLI application, an application for Mac OS X, a GTK application, and a Qt application.

Except for the Mac OS X application, there are no binary distributions from the project. Each Linux distribution makes binaries available using their usual distribution methods.

For Windows there are no distributions so far, except perhaps the one I’ve been making available through links on the Transmission forum.

That forum thread has gone for a long time and, even if the main theme has been the Qt application, it also explored most of what can be done on Windows if you want to use Transmission. What can be done? you can build the daemon and its tools under Cygwin, you can do the same with MinGW but it doesn’t work as well, you can also build the GTK+ and Qt applications as native applications using MinGW.

Unofficial Windows build of Transmission-Qt, in fact a fork of that project with some corrections, many additions to support the use on Windows with many modifications to enhance usability -- this means its not exactly Transmission-Qt as released. This project may even disappear when Transmission's own Windows support becomes official.

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