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marți, 12 ianuarie 2016

Hello there Mina!! 

Shashiburi!! That's the Japanese flowing out of me after watching 700+ episodes of the amazing Onepiece!! After about an year I am uploading the rest of the released episodes after 665 all the way to 714 released on October 18, 2015. Since the whole Dressrosa Arc is all happening in one day, ( Can you believe it? 2 years of episodes happening in only one day? ) therefore Season 17 is continued in this torrent as well.

As I said before I downloaded all these episodes from different websites so they are all of different qualities. Some HD, some 480p and then some (very little) of average variety. But all are of good watchable quality so no worries. Just giving a heads up for the people wanting 720p videos for everything. 

One more thing. After numerous failed attempts trying to make this torrent using utorrent / bittorrent ( they both kept giving me out of memory error for some reason ), I made this torrent using a different method so let me know if there are any problems in downloading it and I'll see to it. Have a good day guys/gals and please seed after downloading so others can download it as well.

Torrent Free Download: Here

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