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vineri, 8 ianuarie 2016

Name: Hunt for monster Original name: Monster Hunt Manufactured: China, Hong Kong Category: Fantasy, Action, Comedy Director: Raman Hui Starring: Tang Wei, Xue Bai, Eric Tsang, Jing Bozhanov, Wu Jiang, Yao Chen, Wallace Chung Yan No, Elaine Jin, Guo Xiaodong Description: Once upon a time people and monsters coexisted in the same world. But because of the greed of some, others have been almost completely destroyed and forever banished from the beautiful sunny world. And now, after a few millennia, human greed once again led to the Great War. Then one day an ordinary guy Yin was fascinated by the beautiful monster. Then he unexpectedly realized that conceived! And born to him and his newly founded "wife" baby - the future king of the monsters. They called him Hubal. Now the weird couple will have to defend their krovinochku by evil demons and equally evil people. After a cruel and greedy Lord Ge decided to conquer the demon king to gain immense strength. For the sake of the baby the whole family goes on a long journey in search of a place where they will be happy. Video data: XviD, 1663 kbit / s, 720x304 Audio data: AC3, 6 ch, 448 kbit / s Translation: Amateur dvuhgolosyj [2D] Duration: 1:51:18

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