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luni, 18 ianuarie 2016

::::: Codec Info :::::
Type: Audio
Codec: MPEG AAC Layer 1/2/3 (mpga)
Format version:- Version 1
Format profile:- Layer 3
Bit rate mode:- Constant
Mode:- Joint stereo
Compression mode:- Lossy
Language:- English
Channel(s):- 2 Channels
Writing library:- LAME3.99r

. Kick the Dust Up
2. Kill the Lights
3. Strip It Down
4. Home Alone Tonight (feat. Karen Fairchild)
5. Razor Blade
6. Fast
7. Move
8. Just Over
9. Love It Gone
10. Way Way Back
11. To the Moon and Back
12. Huntin,’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day
13. Scarecrows 

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