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vineri, 29 ianuarie 2016

Series Genre: Action, ecchi, super powers, supernatural
Themes found in series: magic, mysterious past, murder, parallel worlds
Recommended Age: 17+
Release Date: October 7, 2009
Number of episodes: 12
Translated Episodes: 12 (Complete Series)

When the sky becomes reddish moon turns into black and the monsters prowl the streets are starting to bear solitary, Satsuki kakeru is put in an extreme situation, not knowing how they address. Together with his best friend, Yuka, trying to find out why they were sent to this world reddish that seems to be empty, and only taking them two inside.
However, when "Night Reddish" ends, kakeru and Yuka have the impression that everything that had happened had been a dream until it happens again, having to face another danger. This time meet four other people in a situation asemănătoarea with them: Kusakabe Misuzu, a woman specializes in swordsmanship Tachibana Kukuri a girl bizarre move, which strikingly resembles sister died of kakeru, Hirohara Yukiko, a energetic girl whose personality is that of a ruthless killer when her glasses are removed, and, last but not least, Tajima Takahisa, a guy who manipulates fire.
Six unite in order to survive and find mystery of this enigmatic world. Things get worse when six shadows appear behind them .

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