marți, 8 decembrie 2015

Software VirtualDrive Network to create a virtual drive, CD-ROM and DVD discs you are using. Using its simple interface, you can create up to 1,000 virtual drive them on a network share. VirtualDrive Network sharing administrative tasks to a virtual drive, and educational organizations, libraries, government agencies and the commercial sector is appropriate. certain features and benefits Farstone Virtualdrive Network Pro v16: - software for manipulating C D. , sharing and copyright: Virtualdrive Network All discs CD / DVD / Blu-ray to virtualization and sharing them on the network. - eliminating the need for physical CD or your server systems CD: You can use the VirtualDrive Network Drives CD / DVD / Blu-ray to a virtual CD disks to manage physical storage need not worry. - higher performance than software all the family. - Physical protection against scratches by virtualization CD CD / DVD / Blu-ray to protect the games, apps and Rshyvhaytan. - the CD drive speeds over 200 times faster than running on a physical drive . - run multiple CDs simultaneously. - the portability of laptops , external hard drives or other storage devices. 
- Can be used to insert a virtual CD to put on the training of VirtualDrive Network server so anyone can use them. 
- No need for students or staff to care for the actual disks. 
- the construction of the CD-Archives DVD and BD. 
- Create virtual CD files, office documents , emails and folders. 
- Support for importing files to the standard ISO or other images.

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