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Wave of Darkness (c) Dreamatrix

1: DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE: Action, Indie, RPG

Wave of Darkness invites you to a huge dark and gritty fantasy world which
can be explored the way you want and whenever you want. Tired of killing
monsters and solving quests on the east? You can go north and explore the
region of Klesabia, Macabon or Ealonia, slay northern monsters
generally do whatever you desire

Wave of Darkness is not your average casual action RPG. It is tailored for
fans of hardcore old-school RPG titles, offering massive dark and gritty
fantasy world which will challenge you at every step. The world of Narr is
corrupted by the Dark Magic, and you will have to do your best to free land
from this malicious deviance

While most RPG titles offer very limited area for you to explore
restricting it by invisible walls, or simply with various design solutions
Wave of Darkness enables you to wander everywhere, and whenever you wish to
do so. Of course, you can follow the strict path of the plot, and complete
quests until you finish the game, or you can explore every bit and corner
of Narr, meet various NPCs, complete side quests for them, and fight
dangerous monsters. WOD offers 70+ hours of gameplay

So you decided to start the game by creating a sword wielding character
but after a while you realize swords aren't really your thing. Wave of
Darkness enables you to combine and experiment different character classes
which means you can have a powerful melee/ranged or ranged/magic character
even if you made a mistake by choosing a character class that doesn't fit
your RPG affinities, without the need to start the game all over again. WoD
enables you to combine, explore and experiment with character classes
however you want, without limitations. But it's still recommended to keep
in mind the basics of RPG, so try to create solid and meaningful characters
because the game will definitely challenge you

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