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sâmbătă, 21 noiembrie 2015

                                   Screenplay: Peng Di / Lee Jae Han / Liwan Xi / Niu Han 

Starring: Liu Yifei / Song Seung / Odie / Jiang Yu Chen / Meng Jia 

type: Romance 
Producer countries / regions: Mainland China 
Language: Mandarin 
Release date: 2015-09-25 (mainland China) 
Duration: 113 minutes 
Aka: The first three kinds of love / The Third Way of Love 
IMDb link: tt5057982 
Synopsis third love · · · · 
divorced female lawyer Zou Yu in return tears on the plane, sitting next to James Lin drew positive attention. Home and found her sister Zou month because of unrequited love cause I'm the second son of James Lin positive group committed suicide, Zou rain Blame, stormed find forest afterwards, but embarrassed to discover that everything is just Zou months of unrequited love it. Two jumping events due to a workers meet again, my colleagues high development flag crush Zou rain for years, advised Zou rain away from the second-generation rich. Salim Group will cause legal affairs entrusted to the law firm where Zou Yu, after several live, he fell in love with Zou and the rain started to pursue the offensive. From the initial refusal to later move, and James Lin Zou Yu finally being together. Because James Lin family interests forced a good match rounds of small Jiangxin Yao engagement, sister Zou Lin month also love deep-rooted species. Caught in the swirl of emotion that she and his third love to do?

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