joi, 22 octombrie 2015

Install instructions:
- Run "setup_victor_vran_2.4.0.9.exe"
- Run "patch_victor_vran_2.5.0.10.exe"
- Play
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Change log:
Patch 2.04
• This update includes a new piece of free DLC, the Cauldron of Chaos.
• It also includes Hungarian language, a fan-made translation.
• Fixed issues with dodging in the wrong direction with the Action/Gamepad control schemes
Fixed functionality of Dodge Back, Dodge Left, Dodge Right with Mouse-Move control scheme
• Fixed duplication exploit related to transmutation
• Hexes are now properly applied in multiplayer games when players are on different difficulty settings
• Challenges in Cauldron of Chaos now reset properly on death
• Vendors are no more immediately reset on game restart
About Cauldron of Chaos:
• The Cauldron of Chaos is an ever-changing dungeon that offers randomized daily challenges for veteran demon hunters. This new content is available only for characters of level 26 and above.
• The Cauldron of Chaos is stirred every day, offering a new set of challenges and encounters for you and your friends. You will be able to access the new dungeon from the World Map.

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