duminică, 4 octombrie 2015

SoftColor PhotoEQ v1.8.5

tHe sToRy gOeS lIkE tHiSrElEaSe tYpE: pAtCh, kEyGeN [ ]rElEaSe dAtE: 02/10/2015 dIsKs: [xx/05]OS pLaTfOrM: WinAllpRoGrAm tYpE: Application
O cRaCkEr: tEaM pHrOzEn-HeLL tEsTeR: tEaM pHrOzEn-HeLL
O tItLe: SoftColor PhotoEQ v1.8.5

O uRl: D'oh! --> Scroll down and read our news instead <


O aBoUt yOuR nEw leEtCh

Smart and Automatic Application for Photo Enhancement, Editing and
Color Management. Fix Photo Problems Automatically with Professional

SoftColor PhotoEQ make fixing common image problems quick and easy
It has an extremely easy to use interface and support for batch
processing. With PhotoEQ you can complete your daily image editing
and color management tasks fast and easily

sO wHaT dO i dO nOw

Install as normal and see the included pHeLL.txt file

As always register while offline, disable auto update
and block app with firewall for obvious reasons

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