marți, 15 septembrie 2015

Total War ATTILA Empires of Sand Culture Pack (c) SEGA

09/2015 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: Steam+CEG+Custom
1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Strategy

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The Empires of Sand Culture Pack brings three new playable factions and new
religion features to Total War: ATTILA. 

* New Factions; Aksum, Himyar and Tanukhids with new unique units. 
* New Campaign mechanics. 
* New Horde mechanics. 
* New Religion features.

Note: This is a standalone release. All game content was updated, so an
addon release was not possible. All previous DLC and updates included.

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1. Unrar.
2. Burn or mount the image.
3. Install the game. Though this release is standalone, you can install it
on top of your existing Attila installation.
4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack directory on the image to
your game install directory.
5. Play the game.

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