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Image Management
Powerful, but easy to use. Featuring dynamic toolbar throughout the tool, image list overview, presets, and many more details which help you be more productive while maintaining your images.
All standard image formats supported, including WIM, decrypted ESD (Electronic Software Download) and SWM (spanned, split images).
ESD to WIM, SWM to WIM (aka image joinining), WIM to SWM (aka image splitting) conversions included.
Tool can create a bootable ISO from any of them, if the normal image folder structure is present (e.g. Boot and Sources folders).
And you can edit images in all supported host combinations, for example editing Windows 10 image from a Windows 7 as a host is supported.

Live-install Modifications
Next to editing Windows installation images “offline”, NTLite is featuring Live edit mode, a unique feature allowing you to configure and remove components from already installed Windows without re-installation. Simply run the tool on the OS you want to edit, choose what to change and reboot if necessary – instant results.
*ISO creation is only for images/offline

Component Removal
Reduce Windows footprint on your RAM and storage drive memory.
Remove components of your choice, guarded by compatibility safety mechanisms, which speed up finding that sweet spot.

Hardware Targeting
NTLite can gather host machine hardware list and use it in all of its features.
Hardware target checklist is a particularly helpful feature, allowing you to see in advance for any missing drivers on the resulting deployment before applying changes.
This enables you to target other machines when preparing an image, while trying to reach the minimum deployment size or maximum compatibility.
You can also extract drivers from an image or an existing install.

Driver, Update, Language and Service Pack Integration
Easily integrate drivers, updates, languages and service packs.
Update integration features smart sorting, enabling you to seamlessly add packages for integration and the tool will apply them in the appropriate order, keeping update compatibility in check.
Driver integration features “Import host”, which integrates host drivers into the image, and “Exclude unused”, which removes drivers from the integration queue which are not tied to the selected hardware list.

Easily change various Windows settings on your live installation or an image.
Pre-configure Windows Features.

Unattended Setup
Windows Unattended feature support, providing many commonly used options on a single page for easy and fully automated setup.
Multiple-choice options are presented with valid entries read from the source itself.
Includes Auto-fill option, which fills the choices with the current Host machine data, allowing for fast configuration.
Add local accounts, choosing usernames and passwords in advance, autologon any of them after install.
Network join, which allows you to automatically join to a Workgroup or a Domain after installation.
Disk partitioning, which speeds up the deployment by automatically formatting and partitioning your drives.

Free Download 32bit Here

Free Download 64bit Here

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