luni, 14 septembrie 2015

Farm Expert 2016 - Fruit Company (c) Ravenscourt, PlayWay Inc Release-Date: 09/15 Protection: Steam Disc.Count: 1 DVD Game.Type: Simulator Language: Multi8 G A M E N O T E S A whole new world (2,5kmx2,5km) to explore, with orchards and full farming functionality. To begin the player has a field and two smaller orchards, he can then buy fields and orchards from neighbors to expand Fruit processing plant placed with food processing functionality (freezing fruits) 3 additional upgrades for the fruit processing plant: juice, jam and canned fruits production Sell fruits or invest in a fruit processing plant transport the fruits and then sell produced goods for a much higher price Fruit processing plants are fully animated New vehicles to transport crates of plants and/or produced goods Produced goods are transported to the train station where they are finally sold Notes: This also includes Farm Expert 2016 - Farm Machines Pack and is standalone. Languages are EFGIS CZ/HU/TR G R O U P N O T E S We have enough money, beer, girls or whatever at the moment Besides: POSTMORTEM will not pre any updates or patches. Don't like that idea? * BUY THE GAME! * G R E E T i N G S Skid Row, Unleashed GREENPEACE 0x0007, Genesis It's just a competition! Support the Software-Developer if you like this game!

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