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Onikira Demon Killer (c) Merge Games

1: DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE: Action, Adventure

Developed by Irish-based indie, Digital Furnace Games, Onikira: Demon
Killer is an awesome side-scrolling, 2D beat'em-up set in fantasy feudal
Japan. As Yamazaki Jiro, a lone samurai, players battle to prevent the
forces of the Japanese underworld, Yomi, from consuming the land of the

Onikira: Demon Killer blends together complex deep fighting mechanics
usually found in traditional 3D beat-em'ups, like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta
and merges them with classic 2D platform-game mechanics. Onikira's
expressive fighting system enables players to engage in whichever way suits
them best. Some players will prefer to go toe-to toe with heavy weapons and
mash buttons while others will opt for a ranged game style, avoiding heavy
melee encounters. Try launching an enemy into the air, wall jumping to
position yourself above them then Katana Slaming them into the ground
Switch weapons to the Naginata and use the Naginata Lift and air dash moves
to stay in the air and off crumbling platforms, while pulling enemies up to
you to be dispatched in mid-air. Whip out your grappling hook to grapple
between platforms, across chasms or fiery pits, all the while fending off

Onikira: Demon Killer boasts seven challenging areas and players can
express themselves with over forty uber-cool moves, using four devastating
weapons. Each level is littered with foul demons that players must dispatch
back to the underworld and players must also face two mini-bosses and two
epic mega bosses. Every level is crammed full of environmental aids to help
the player in combat encounters. Slice the support pillars off a building
and watch it crush your enemies as it collapses, or use your moves to fling
enemies into spikes, pits, or the path of moving deadly objects. Be careful
though, as dropping a building on your own head is known to cause sadness!

Unique high-level combat Onikira mixes 2D platform game elements into the
combat system to make something special. Moving platforms, wall jumping
wall running and grappling all serve to make for dynamic and emergent
combat encounters

Seven Areas the narrative unfolds over highly polished and gorgeous
hand-painted levels featuring rain drenched villages, destroyed opulent
cities, mountaintop locations and an erupting volcano

Master unique weapons Each weapon - sword, tetsubo, naginata or arm blades
has multiple unlockable moves which can result in massive combo chains
when moves are strung together. Combo chains turn directly into score

Responsive and Expressive Combat System players are rewarded for strategic
and skill-based fighting. Play flows naturally from move to move, allowing
the player to create new combos that haven't been designed explicitly by
the developers

Soul Shop souls are the currency of Onikira. Use them to revive your
health and trade them. At certain points inside each level, the player will
find rifts into Yomi where benevolent spirits will trade moves for
collected souls

Challenge Arenas players complete combat related challenges and improve
their score and skill to gain achievements. The arenas are fully integrated
into Steam's online leaderboards

Specific enemy types with their own unique vulnerabilities, every enemy
emphasises a particular fighting style, like a floating, possessed Mempo
mask that encourages the use of air game or a monstrously twisted
high-ranking samurai, where hit and run tactics are the best way to stay

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