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√ Title : CyberLink YouCam Deluxe

√ Developer: CyberLink
√ Year 2014
√ Platform : PC
√ Version: 6.0.2728.0
√ Language Interface : Russian / Mulʹtiâzyčnyj
√ Tablet : V kit ( PATCO )

Description :
Cyberlink YouCam - Simple program to create Deaths eigenvalues ​​avatar , videoobrazov , clips via the web camera . YouCam nezamenima for onlajnovyh videočatov and includes support popular solutions Yahoo! Program allows dynamical Add Effects to your TīKLA video camera . Enjoy yourself during video chats , dobavlââ emotion effects .
Primenâjte Effects will clash during surgery video and photo . Zagružajte your clips directly to YouTube . Clash will otpravlâjte Svoi photo and video friends by email. Dvuhrežimnyj user interface simplifies Use CyberLink YouCam . Standby instant messaging can Participate in the multiplayer videoseanse with friends via webcam, Can be used in mgnovennye effects in real-time . Mgnovennye Effects pozvolâût dobavlâtʹ frames, filters , distortion and emoticon Effects to videoizobraženiû with webcams . This allows about more video zabavnymi and kreativnymi videoéffektami .
√ Basic features:
The program offers six types of video effektov :
• Animated three-dimensional effects - very Veselye Effects
• Emotions - okazyvaût Art Effects of all . More than 20 entries
• Frames - these Effects dobavlâût subject to photographs or video
• Distortion - modeliruemye Effects, Mirror Effect Curve
• Tools drawing - delaût video EMS more vyrazitelʹnymi posing Designs
• Filters - Effects as on TV

• Zapisyvajte HD video in H.264 format
• Primenâjte HD Effects
• Writing desk desktop in HD
• HD Video Recording & Snapshot
• Face Login to Windows - zapominaet person for logging in as someone you login to Windows
• Face Login to websites - zapominaet person for logging in as someone login on multiple Web Sites
• Face -out ( Deluxe) - Defines when you othodite of computer and blokiruet ego .
• Sozdavajte video presentations
• Supports video input from two sources
• Create the Avatar
• Effect of particles with a definition images
√ Change in:
What's new in version 6.0.2728.0 :
Resolves Facebook upload issue .

Fixes crop related issues .

Resolves the webcam preview windows becoming blank issue after switching Windows user account .

Resolves the mouse cursor freezing issue in create presentation mode .

Resolves the program crash issue that occurs when auto -lighting is enabled when capturing with 2304x1296 resolution
√ Installation :
Neglect CLYC6_Full_Retail.exe file after installation Programmu not zapuskatʹ .

Forsake file updated 2.UpdatePatch_6.0.2728.0.exe after Update TOZE not zapuskatʹ .

For rusifikacii Start the CLYC6D - RUS.exe by the admin name ! For gender rusifikacii Close
zapuŝennoe application in sist. tree and stop the service YouCamService6.exe of running processes .
After completion rusifikacii , zapustitʹsâ patch - activator Cyberlink.All.Soft - Multi.Patch.FIXED - Reis -v2 , select " YouCam Deluxe 6 " and pressed " Patch" .
In Settings select " Russian " , and Restart program.

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